Magician David Copperfield in Seattle

Magician David Copperfield was in Seattle not long ago. I actually got a free ticket to see the show on Friday 1/26/2007, so I just had to take my wife and go! The show was great there wasn’t a whole lot of new magic. He did a lot of his classics, such as taking a spectator to another country, live on video camera. My wife was one of the lucky volunteers who had their picture taken by Copperfield, before he magically transposed him self, and showed the picture from the audience, as he was apparently on a beach in Australia. One new illusion he did involved doing a magical ultrasound on a “pregnant” volunteer, and the onscreen ultrasound revealed a card that was selected. Other illusions he did were the appearing on a motorcycle, scorpion card, the stretcher, appearing and squirting duck, the license plate prediction followed by a car appearance, making some audience voluneers vanish, and… oh, a video segment that told about all of Copperfields achievements. All in all a good, show, and my wife really enjoyed it. I actually prefered some of the shows that I had seen before which had more musical coreography.

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